Wei's Noodle House Restaurant

Welcome to 

Wei's Noodle House

Asian food restaurant
Chinese, Vietnamese, Thai, Korian, singapore, Malaysian, and much more...

Welcome to Wei's Noodle House where you could have your selective meal from most of the countries all aaround the world. At Weis Noodle House you actually can change up the menu the way you want to be and have your own selection of food put on your dish.

Wei's Noodle House
Lychee on Ice
Your chef always strive to make your meal as healthy and fresh as possible with freshness ingredient from the market.
Wei's Noodle House
Eggplant Yu Shueng with pork

Wei's Noodle House
Singapore Noodle with shrimp
Weis Noodle House, is a small restaurant, is your family restaurant where you can request anything you would like to have available in the menu.
Wei's Noodle House
Banana Spring Rolls

Wei's Noodle House
Vermicelli with BBQ Shrimp, Chicken, Spring Roll and Egg.
And many other delicious dishes that you are sure to enjoy ! Thanks


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